Finished Projects

Our input doesn’t stop with the finished oak building, complete with matching roof and stylish windows. We can finish your construction to fit a complete lifestyle concept.

Finished to the last detail.

In addition to the building or the extension itself, we also design and coordinate the installation of all techniques (heating, plumbing and HVAC) and the complete fixed interior: floor, lighting, kitchen, bar, wellness, bathroom, paintwork…

Heritage Buildings - Afgewerkt tot in het laatste detail.

What kind of lifestyle concept do you envision?

You’ve probably already visualised your dream interior. Would you like a pool house with a bar, outdoor kitchen or wellness area? Do you require a guest house or a garden office? The functional possibilities for an oak extension or garden room are endless. We don’t just place oak constructions, we create complete lifestyle concepts.

Everything you’ve dreamed of, can be designed. our oak extension or garden room is completed as a finished project, ready to be lived in.

Heritage Buildings - Welk lifestyleconcept hebt u voor ogen?

New & qualitative materials.

The (interior) designers of Heritage Buildings are constantly looking for new materials to create an exclusive and authentic look for our beautiful outbuildings. These durable and high-quality materials can be used for both the interior design and the exterior cladding. TelkensEvery time we achieve a stunning end result. opnieuw bekomen we een verbluffend eindresultaat.

Exterior cladding

In addition to brick or oak planting, we can also finish our oak outbuildings on the outside with afrormosia. This tropical hardwood guarantees a long lifetime without maintenance. The specific grain structure of Afrormosia assures your wooden outbuilding of a unique and exclusive appearance.

A facade structure with afrormosia can be placed vertically or horizontally with a tongue and groove structure. This is a nice alternative to the traditional placement method with “weather-boarding” and beveled edges. A façade structure with afrormosia assures your wooden outbuilding of a sleek and elegant appearance.

Hardwood for high durability Afrormosia gives your facade a medium brown color with high gloss. Frequent treatment or maintenance is not necessary.

The wood ages beautifully over the years. Thanks to the hardness of the wood, Afrormosia will last for many decades without any problems. This high quality wood does not rot or crack.

Interested in cladding with afrormosia?

Eye-catcher in your interior

This special fire technique for creating an exclusive wall finish is based on age-old Japanese traditions. The wood is manually burned black, after which a fixation follows so that the wallcovering does not release carbon.

All preparatory work is done in a modern work studio in the English countryside. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with ultramodern production techniques ensures a unique end result.

Versatile use inside and outside

Shou Sugi Ban is versatile in use. First and foremost, it can perfectly be used as exterior wall covering. We regularly use Shou Sugi Ban for our oak outbuildings to dress the most important visible wall. This gives your oak garden building a unique and exclusive appearance.

Because of the wood refinement, insects have no chance to penetrate into the wood and there is no putrefaction.

A wall with Shou Sugi Ban is also a real eye-catcher in the interior. This does not only apply to authentic interiors. An accent wall in Shou Sugi Ban also guarantees high added value in a minimalist and modern decor. Our interior designers create amazing results with this unique coating material.

Interested in an interior or exterior finish with Shou Sugi Ban?

Authentic appearance with recycled wood

The interior designers of Heritage Buildings are constantly looking for unique materials to create an exclusive interior. Old beams from Swiss and Austrian stables or train wagons are perfect for decorating an accent wall. This gives this inner wall a warm and authentic look.

The weathered view, the unique grain structure… A wall covering with exclusive recuperation wood offers creative possibilities in both a traditional and a modern minimalist home.

Before being used as a wall covering, the beams are split to the ideal thickness. We offer such authentic wall planking up to three meters in length.

Interested in authentic recuperation wood for wallcovering?

Heritage Buildings - Authentieke uitstraling met recuperatiehout

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